Dr. Francesca Pantanali, Specialist Orthodontist at EB Dental

Dr. Francesca Pantanali

Specialist Orthodontist
Length of Work:
Since 2002


Francesca is a specialist orthodontist and a Consultant Orthodontist, the highest level for a UK orthodontist, at Eastbourne District General Hospital. She qualified at the Catholic University of Rome (Italy) and post-graduated in Ortodontics in 2000.

In 2007 she achieved another 3 year PHD in Orthodontics (FTTA equivalent) to train multidisciplinary cases and severe dento-facial deformity patients. Her level of expertise allows her to treat a wide range of the most challenging orthodontic cases. She is experienced with the latest techniques in Orthodontics for the best aesthetic outcomes and with the aim of giving patients the less discomfort for a better compliance.

Francesca is passionate in her job, loving to provide beautiful smiles and a life change to her patients. Out of her professional life Francesca enjoys spending time with her two children, walking her dog and doing yoga. She also enjoys travelling to see her family in Italy and going sailing along the Mediterranean Sea.

Professional Skills

87 %
65 %
92 %


Rehabilitation is a phase of recovery occurring after any major life-changing medical or surgical evente designed to occurring after regenerate:

  • Access to the conference and a workshop.
  • Includes coffee, breakfast, lunch and open-bar.
  • Stick around for music, craft beer & cocktails.



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