Dental implants are one of today’s most popular long-term solutions to missing teeth and we have been placing them here for over 10 years.

The benefits can be life-changing, providing the answer to any embarrassment or discomfort caused by missing teeth or loose dentures. Recent technological advances make dental implant treatment much more straightforward even where there is little remaining jaw-bone, for a single tooth, several teeth, or even all of your teeth.

What are the advantages of Dental implants?

Dental implants are our treatment of choice for missing teeth because they look and feel like natural teeth while restoring normal function and appearance.

My patients often tell us that treatment has been life-changing and has made a huge difference in their ability to socialize and not worry about what they eat.

  • Patients’ self-confidence, appearance, and general quality of life are likely to improve.
  • An implant-retained crown has a similar appearance to a normal crown and appears to emerge through the gum naturally.
  • Replacing a missing tooth with an implant avoids having to cut into adjacent healthy teeth to support a dental bridge.
  • The presence of the dental implant will retain and improve the bone around the missing tooth area, maintaining facial structure by preserving the shape of the jawbone.
  • Nobel Biocare Implants
  • I use the Nobel Biocare dental implant system, and hold an extensive stock of their components to provide the precise implant for your individual needs. We feel that this system is the most established worldwide, is backed by extensive research and they are continually innovating both in their implant components and guided technology to aid placement. I do not use low-cost, low-quality substitutes as these can lead to failure later on and also do not provide such an aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Why choose Dr. Eric Battista for your Dental Implants?
  • We believe that providing dental implant treatments requires investment in the best surgical facilities, the most highly developed implant systems, and the latest imaging and dental laboratory technologies. It also requires highly trained technicians who deal with implants daily and maintenance support from experienced hygienists.

Fees: Implant Consultation (Digital impressions, Photos, CBCTscan) £ 200,00 45 min

If a patient requires a full arch restoration, an advanced solution is the so-called All-on-4 implants treatment. The process involves placing only 4 individual implants; two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior. That provides the patient with a fixed full-arch prosthesis with immediate loading on the day of the surgery. Whether you need full arch or full jaw rehabilitation, All-on-4 implants are a fast solution to achieve a comfortable lifestyle and natural-looking teeth.

Another full-arch restoration solution with same-day loading is All-on-6. Six precisely made implants are placed to hold up to a 14 unit bridge. Compared to All-on-4, All-on-6 dental implants are biomechanically stronger and simpler to maintain. The technique is also more cost-effective due to its efficiency and its stability. The treatment is preferred by patients with severe gum disease because the bone requires stronger support or because the bone is severely compromised.

Fees: Per Arch £ 16.000,00

Fees: from £ 8.000,00

Sometimes there may be an insufficient bone to place implants, especially in the upper arch at the back of the mouth. The bone loss can occur over a while. A sinus lift is a procedure that augments the bone in the upper arch where the sinuses are located. If the bone depth is insufficient for an implant, the floor of the sinus cavity is lifted to create depth.

Fees: from £ 1.000,00

This revolutionary new implant system is designed by the world leaders in dental implants, Nobel Biocare.
It takes digital dentistry to a new level and makes implant surgery far more accurate,(within 0.5mm and under 1 degree of angular deviation), and safer than ever before. It effectively provides the surgeon with 3D navigation meaning during surgery they can see precisely where the drill is during the preparatory stage, and where the implant is during placement. The software allows the surgeon to pre-plan where to place the implant and provides a route for them to follow.
Fees: from £ 500,00

Guided surgery is a procedure that initially involves a Diagnostic CT Scan to accurately evaluate the oral condition of the patient, it is then used to produce a Radiological Template. A further scan will then be taken with the Template in place in the patients’ mouth. The digital information provided by the scan will then be sent to a specialist laboratory where a Surgical Drilling Guide will be manufactured.
This Guide will be placed in the patients’ mouth during surgery and will provide an incredibly high level of accuracy when placing the dental implants; especially in the case of multiple implants and implants for retained dentures or multiple bridgeworks.
This highly accurate method of implant placement eliminates virtually all possible risks by predetermining the optimum position and exact depth and angle of the implant.
Fees: from £ 500,00

Fees:  £ 150,00

Our Specialist:
Dr. Eric Battista, Specialist Oral Surgeon, Periodontology, Dental Implants at EB Dental

Dr. Eric Battista

Specialist Oral Surgeon, Periodontology, Dental Implants, Teeth In A Day
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